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We have had great feedback from many of our clients who have already downloaded our own NetSports App onto their mobile phones. Once you have downloaded the App, you will be able to book your court hire and coaching sessions easily from your phone. You can also view your upcoming court hire booking dates, review your invoices, check out your classes and update your payment method.

We have also added a new feature within the App which will allow us to make announcements on items like wet weather disruptions ….so if you have not yet downloaded the free NetSports App, then I’d encourage you to do so as it will make life just that little bit easier!!

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One of our Full Time coaches, Ollie’s main area of expertise (apart from his tennis coaching !!) is as a film maker and he has already had quite a lot of success in winning awards at prestigious film festivals like Tropfest. So we feel very fortunate in that we have had access to Ollie as he has just finished creating a series of short videos for NetSports in introducing Hot Shots to families. The videos are short, punchy and fun and designed to encourage families to do some extra Hot Shots activities at home between the children’s weekly lesson.

So if you haven’t seen the videos yet, do yourself a favour and check out the videos by going to our own Youtube Channel (

Spring Holiday Tennis Program

The Program

Holiday program tennis hot shots kids with the coaches and ellie mckenzie

Our Spring Holiday Program at the Malvern Tennis Centre ran during the Term 3 break, and we were delighted to see enthusiastic faces, great shot selection and awesome sportsmanship fill our courts! In our Main Program, the 5–12-year-olds flourished with a combination of technical training, match- play and shot-based games that ensured our students were always with a racquet in hand and enjoying themselves. In our Junior Program, the 3-5 year-olds enjoyed their game-based activities, practicing their volleys, forehands and backhands. Thankfully, the good old Melbourne weather held out for the majority of the six-day program, and we were treated to some sunshine and minimal rain.

Ellie McKenzie Visit

Ellie Mzkenzie from AFL Richmond visits

Ellie McKenzie from Richmond AFLW

We want to extend our greatest appreciation to Ellie McKenzie, one of the brightest talents in the AFLW, for coming down to our Holiday Program and speaking to the keen girls and boys about her pathway into the AFLW and her accomplishments as a member of the Richmond Tigers. We hear her ear is still in recovery after all the questions the students had for her, and we, along with them, are so grateful for Ellie making the trip down. We hope to see her back soon!




Colour Competition

Kid jumping playing tennis with passion

On the final day of our Spring Holiday Programs, we hosted just our second Holiday Colour Ball Competitions, inviting students from each of the Red, Orange, and Green, levels to learn about scoring, rules and tactics in a round-robin match- play tournament. We were thrilled to see our biggest turn-out yet, with so many keen tennis players engaging in some friendly competition. From the staff at NetSports, we wanted to say a big thank-you to all the students and parents who made both our Holiday Program and Competitions possible, and we hope to see you all back for our Summer Holiday Program at the end of this term!

Employee of The Term

Meet Alex Rayne

Employee of the term alex rayne

Alex Rayne

We are pleased to recognise Alex Rayne’s efforts as our staff member of the Term. Alex is our longest staff member having been coaching and working at Malvern Tennis Centre for so long now that he cannot even remember when he first commenced work here.

Alex has a friendly disposition to all his clients and fellow staff members and is particularly popular with many of our adult clients. Alex takes a genuine interest in all his clients and gets a big thrill when he seems them start to make some steady improvements.

We are very pleased to have Alex as one of our long-standing team members and we say well done Alex on being recognised by your peers as out NetSports employee of this Term.

Q&A Sessions

What do you enjoy most about tennis coaching?

The most enjoyable part of tennis coaching for me is being able to share my passion for the game with others and help them grow as players. Watching people develop new skills and progress on their journey is tremendously satisfying.

What is your most memorable tennis moment?

The day I won my first junior tournament was amazing. It was a tight match but I just got over the line, and there was a great feeling of accomplishment (and relief!).

Who is your favourite tennis player and why?

My favourite player would have to be Roger Federer. I grew up watching him play and everything about him was mesmeric. The way he made tennis look so easy and graceful was something I have never quite managed to understand, and I was lucky enough to see him play live a number of times.

Why would you encourage someone to learn tennis?

Tennis is a great sport to learn because aside from the obvious physical benefits, it is a fantastic social sport. You can catch up with some mates to play a match or even just have a hit, join a group class or play a social comp. It’s a great way to meet people and make connections.

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