NetSports Team

Mark Buttifant

Mark Buttifant

Mark is the founder of NetSports, managing the ever growing team and its two Stonnington locations. Mark is one of Australia's most experienced Tennis venue managers, having been involved in the industry for more than 30 years. Mark is extremely dedicated to delivering an exceptional as well as enjoyable Tennis service.

Beyond Tennis, Mark has a passion for people and leading. In more recent years at NetSports, he has embarked on a mission of constantly innovating and improving on how Tennis coaching is delivered.

Coach Barbara

Barbora Zahnova

Coach Barbora has over 10 years of Tennis coaching experience. In her early years, Barbora was in the Slovak National Team and even crowned the title of national champion at age 16.

For Barbora, coaching is a passion as she gets to share her knowledge and love for the game, coaching players of different ages, abilities and personalities. Every day at NetSports presents a different coaching challenge, this being her driving motivation.

daniel-square (1)

Daniel Byrnes

Daniel is the Coaching Director at NetSports, having being involved in the tennis world for more than 20 years. In 2019 he won First place for Grade 1 Player of the Year by Tennis Victoria.

Daniel enjoys coaching all ages and abilities. His favourite part of Tennis coaching is seeing how students begin to learn and enjoy the game.

Sam O'Reilly

Sam Reilly

Sam is a charming, easygoing coach. He is said to be the kid's favourite uncle. Needless to say, the mustache speaks a thousand words. On or off court, Sam is your guy.

Amy Griffin

Amy Griffin

Amy is a friendly face at NetSports and has played Tennis all her life. Whether on-court or off-court, she is the one to make sure everyone has the time of their lives at NetSports. Say hi the next time you see her!


Ollie Crawford Smith

Ollie joined us in
January 2022 and has been coaching now for 5 years. Ollie is more than comfortable coaching all ages and abilities however he has a real passion for developing beginners and juniors, either in Hot Shots or Young Stars. Find out more anout him in our newsletter!






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