Our Story

Malvern Tennis Centre

NetSports has embarked upon its most exciting venture yet, as it takes on the responsibility of managing two of Melbourne's premier tennis venues: Orrong Park and Malvern Tennis Centre

These venues form Stonnington Tennis Centres, and after an enforced COVID break, Malvern Tennis Centre is open once again and welcoming all our tennis patrons back with open arms.

At this date, Orrong Park Tennis Centre is currently closed as it undergoes extensive and an exciting capital works program which includes new fencing, LED lighting and a change to an acrylic, cushioned court surface. We are expecting Orrong Park to be back up and operating again in November, 2022.

At Netsports, we have strived to build a talented team, and all our staff share an unrivalled dedication to tennis fuelled by their many years of experience in the sport. Our aim is to inspire the same passion in others, and help everyone, young and old, to enjoy our beautiful game, and all the benefits it can provide.

hotshots kid

To this end, we offer a comprehensive Hot Shots program for kids in both locations (Malvern and Orrong), starting from the age of 3. We focus on making your child’s journey into tennis not only as much fun as possible, but also developing their skills through structured lessons designed to cover all aspects of the game…..be warned though, they’ll be beating you before you know it!

We also provide Adult Improver classes in both locations (Malvern and Orrong) for those who want to try tennis for the first time, are returning to the sport, or even if you just want to brush up on your skills. These classes are separated by ability, so don’t worry if you’re new, we’ll have a class to suit your level. In addition to this, we also offer Cardio Tennis which are an ideal way to combine tennis within a high energy workout, allowing you to swap your typical run or gym session with a range of high-intensity games and drills.

women playing tennis

Tennis is a game for life, and we believe a strong sense of community is one of the biggest benefits of our wonderful sport, so we seek to foster a friendly, welcoming environment where the whole family can come down and enjoy a day on the court. We look forward to seeing you and the whole family playing tennis at one of our venues