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Monday - Friday 7am- 5pm

Monday - Thursday 9pm- 10pm

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 4pm- 10pm

Saturday, Sunday 7am- 8am



Monday - Thursday 5pm- 9pm

Saturday, Sunday 8am- 4pm

Experience a tennis transformation at Orrong Park Tennis Coaching Centre in Prahran, where a recent overhaul has turned it into a cutting-edge tennis court facility. The upgraded features include:

LED lighting accross all 5 courts

New fencing for better security and access to courts

Acrylic court surface from Laykold Masters with gel cushioning and high level protection

These enhancements collectively provide an unparalleled tennis experience, catering to players of all levels.


Picture yourself on the courts bathed in advanced LED lighting, creating an inviting atmosphere during evening play. Moreover, the newly installed fencing not only enhances security but also simplifies court access, ensuring a seamless and safe experience for all players at Orrong Park Tennis Coaching Centre.


Notably, the Laykold Masters acrylic court surface takes your game to new heights. Specifically designed with gel cushioning and high-level protection, this premium surface offers the perfect balance of playability and durability, setting the stage for a new era of tennis excellence in Prahran.


All five tennis courts at Orrong Park are now available for tennis coaching and court hire. This presents a unique opportunity for tennis enthusiasts in Prahran to be among the first to experience the innovative Laykold Masters surface. With flexible operating hours from 7 AM to 10 PM every day, Orrong Park Tennis Coaching Centre is ready to accommodate players' diverse schedules, making it the go-to destination for Melbourne's tennis community. Immerse yourself in the transformed facility and be a part of the tennis evolution at Orrong Park.


All 5 tennis courts are available for tennis coaching as well as court hire. Be one of the first players in Melbourne to try out this new surface! Courts are open everyday from 7 AM to 10 PM.

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