Netsports Pro Shop

This is Netsports Tennis Australia Pro Shop. All your tennis needs in one place: Racquets, Balls, and Accessories. They range from beginners to intermediate, juniors to adult. One of our best-sellers are the Babolat tennis racket. See below! Our Pro Shop also provides services, such as racket hire and tennis restring. Make sure to check them out in our venue:  Malvern Tennis Centre or Enquire online!

Pro Shop Tennis Racket

Babolat Boost Drive


Babolat Boost Strike


Babolat Junior


Babolat Rival


Pro Shop Tennis Balls

Babolat Tennis Balls


Luft Hot Shots Tennis Ball Bag


Pro Shop Tennis Accessories

Babolat Tennis Ovegrip


Babolat Overgrip 3 packs


Crescent Cushion Grips


NetSports Tennis Dampener


Pro Shop Services

Racket Hire - Single


Racket Restring (Labour Only)


Racket Hire - Multi


Racket Restring : Poly / Gut


Racket Restring : Sythentic