Introducing NetSports Gold Membership Package


NetSports Gold Membership

Become a Gold Member and pay only $5 / hour from 4-10pm on both Saturday and Sunday!!

This membership will offer discounted access to both court hire and tennis programs: Cardio Tennis, Adult Lessons, Social Competition and Court Hire.

Court hire price for NetSport Gold Member

Off-Peak Court Hire 1 hour         $5/ hour 

Peak Court Hire 1 hour                $20/ hour 

Tennis session's price including a 5% discount through Direct Debit

Cardio Tennis Sessions               $9.50/ session   

Adult Improver Sessions             $9.50/ session

Adult Social Competitions           $9.50/ session

Members would need to book and pay for court hire through our Customer Portal system. With sessions and lessons, payment can go through a Direct Debit system.