Our Term 3 Tennis Coaching Program starts from Monday, October 4, 2021.

Check out online all our sessions from the very young in Hot Shots Blue lessons to the budding Wimbledon wannabee's who want to polish up their tennis with some Private Lessons.

Man and woman participating in tennis lessons near Malvern

ANZ Hot Shots Tennis

  • Red, Orange and Green levels
  • 3 – 12-year-olds
  • Low compression balls
  • Smaller tennis racquets and nets
  • 30 – 45 min lessons
  • Basic technique, tactics, games and match play
  • Great transition into competition tennis

Junior Group Coaching

  • All ages
  • All abilities
  • Combination of technique and game-based
  • Learn all strokes in the game
  • Learn how to play doubles and singles

Junior Squads

  • Development/ advanced
  • Tactical and Physical training
  • For players who are involved in competition or tournament tennis
  • 1 hour sessions

Holiday Tennis Clinics/Tournaments

  • All ages, All Standards
  • 3 Day programs available
  • Mini Tournament
  • Prizes


Private Lessons

  • Semi private or private lessons available
  • Technical, Tactical or match play analysis
  • Video Analysis available

Adult Coaching

  • Combination of Technical, Tactical and game based tennis
  • Learn basics of technique, footwork and agility
  • 60 min lessons
  • Fun, social atmosphere

Cardio Tennis

  • 60-minute lessons
  • High intensity
  • Ladders, gym equipment, hurdles
  • Fun, interactive groups

Coach ‘N’ Play

  • Round robin format
  • Mixed/ all ages